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Cheryl McClafferty, Graphic Designer

Cheryl McClaffertyMcClafferty earned her BS in Graphic Design at Philadelphia University. She has worked as graphic designer for the weekly publication The Trend, a subsidiary of the Philadelphia Inquirer, with a circulation of 250,000. Upon moving to the Pike County region she took employment as a graphic designer with Thompson Creative in Montague, NJ, before joining the team at W Design in June of 2005.

As an integral part of the W Design team, McClafferty maintains our continual efforts of assuring that our branding campaigns remain strong and consistent throughout all aspects of the projects. Cheryl focuses much of her efforts on maintaining the websites that the team has developed. Recently, McClafferty, has received wide-acclaim for designing the website for The Eagle Institute in Lackawaxen, PA.

McClafferty’s artistic abilities extend to capturing the essence and light of each flower in her floral drawings. McClafferty will be showcasing her works in several galleries throughout Pennsylvania.